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December 16, 2004

If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things

This is a very different type of book which describes in vivid detail the activities of the various inhabitants of a London neighborhood during the course of a summer day. I was at first put off by the writing since none of the characters are named but rather referred to in reference to their apartment number, the man in #19, the couple in #21, etc. But I quickly found myself getting very involved with these people in the ordinary struggles of their lives so that I couldn't wait to see what, if anything, would be resolved for them. And all the while knowing that that they are bonded together by a tragic event which is yet to be revealed to me.

The writing is superb providing such exquisite detail that you feel immersed in the story. The surprise ending, foreshadowed at the start of the book, makes you want to go back and re-read the beginning to see things from that perspective again.

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