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June 17, 2004

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter - Carson McCullers

With Carson McCullers books coming back into popularity I wanted to see what this classic book was all about. The story held my attention throughout but overall was rather sad. The events intimitately involve several characters all having in common their friendship with deaf-mute Mr. Singer. There's Mick, the adolesent girl with a passion for classical music, trying to make her place in the world. Jake, the stranger in town, frequently drunk and always with this inner passion for the workers of this country. Dr. Copeland, the black doctor, consumed with his desires to better the negro plight yet nearing the end of his usefulness. And finally there's Biff the restaurant owner who recently lost his wife, but is mainly concerned with his own personal choices. McCullers gives us a vivid picture of the personal struggles of these individuals over the course of a hot southern summer. All form a special bond with Mr. Singer, who comes to stay in the boarding house of Mick's family. The characters are united in their belief that Mr. Singer can help them to work out their problems simply because he is so peaceful and willing to "listen". They all become dependent on their visits with him but no one is aware that he too is desperately struggling with the issues of his own life.
I highly recommend this book as a realistic look at the disappointments of life in a small southern town.

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