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January 22, 2004

Downhill Chance - Donna Morrisey

Set in Newfoundland this is a sad, unbelievable and pretty depressing book, interesting only in it's depiction of the characters and way of life in an isolated fishing community.

Kit lives with her aunt and her retarded mother Josie. She is looked down upon by members of the town since she no one knows who her father and has a constant struggle proving herself. Her aunt is her staunch defender constantly bragging about her high marks in school. But when her aunt dies suddenly she is left to fend for herself, and learn how to deal with her crazy mother. She makes a fast friend in schoolmate Sid who chops wood and helps her to keep the house running through the long cold winter. Eventually she gives in to the fact that she is madly in love with Sid, the pastor's son. The pastor is her worst enemy mainly because he is constantly trying rid the town of her and Josie.
There is quite a turn of events at the end of the story which are never resolved in any kind of fulfilling way. I was rather disappointed with the outcome.

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